Solar PV System - with Battery Backup  

Off-grid systems are more complex and less flexible than grid-tied systems. Off-grid systems are most common in remote locations without utility service.These systems typically require a battery bank (to store solar electricity for use during nighttime or cloudy weather) . An off-grid solar system must be large enough to produce enough electricity to cover 100% of the energy needs of the buildling.

We have pre-configured kits ready for immediate deployment & use. Please choose the product based on your power consumption or space availability.

Typical Solar System with Battery Backup Details:

SPV Modules  250W x 4Nos.   250W x 8Nos.   250W x 12Nos.   250W x 20Nos.   100W x 5Nos. 
 Inverter/PCU Capacity 1KW x 1Nos. 2KW x 1Nos. 3KW x 1Nos. 5KW x 1Nos. 1.1KVA x 1Nos.
PV Mount Kit  Al / GI x 1Set.   Al / GI x 1Set.   Al / GI x 1Set.   Al / GI x 1Set.   Al / GI x 1Set. 
DC Box  1Set   1Set   1Set   1Set   1Set 
Typ. Generation per Day  5kWh   10kWh   15kWh   20kWh   2kWh 
Storage Battery Capacity  7.2kWh   14.4kWh   30kWh   40kWh   3.6kWh 
Area required for PV Modules  100sq.feet   200sq.feet   300sq.feet   500sq.feet   50sq.feet 

Expertise in Solar Photovoltaics - Project Fact Sheet

KL Solar is experianced installer for Stand Alone Solar Power Plant with Battery Backup for night time use. We have installed various type of systems based on customers needs. We catewr to each customer based on their needs & satisfaction.
The annexed photo is one of the installed systems under the programme.

KL Solar offers Solar Power Plant with Battery Backup Solution for everyone. We have solutions for domestic houses,small offices, commercial showrooms,shops, canteen, hotels, lodges, community centers, forest guest houses, camp offices, resorts,etc. Consumers who have invested in this product have been very satisfied in their investment.

The annexed photo is one of the installed systems in Tamil nadu.


KL Solar has the pride of executing a largest Standalone Solar system with 50KVA capacity Solar Inverter & battery storage capacity of 162kWh .



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