History of Solar

Sunlight is the world’s largest energy source and for thousands of years, it has been human civilizations chief source of light and heat.

Today, solar energy technologies are being developed and refined to more effectively
use the sun’s power for producing electricity (photovoltaics), as well as steam and
hot water for industrial processes (solar thermal technologies). In less than an hour, Earth receives more energy in the form of sunlight than it does from the fossil fuels it burns in a year.


Commercial Solutions

KL Solar Photovoltaic CellWe at KL Solar use various innovative approaches to develop crystalline silicon based solar cells with high conversion efficiency that can be mass produced in a cost effective way.
We are one of the few PV manufacturers that has developed a vertically integrated business model from the production of crystalline solar cells to the assembly of high quality photovoltaic modules.
Whether you are a local independent installer, a company needing to power a remote location or looking to install solar power for your home or business, we at  KLSolar have a solution for you

News& Events

KL Solar updates International Quality Manufacturing certification to ISO 9001:2008,
KL Solar receives IEC61215:2005 product certification for its PV Modules from TUV,
KL Solar receives IEC61730-1 : 2004 product safety certification from TUV,
KL Solar receives IEC61730-2 : 2004 product safety certification from TUV,
KL Solar receives IEC61701-1  product salt mist certification from UL, .

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to become the global leader in manufacturing high quality and cost effective solar PV cells & solar PV modules that will provide clean, reliable, grid-competitive electric power around the world.


Need Solar Installer?

KL Solar continues to expand its national network by recruiting seasoned solar installers as well as recruiting and training established electrical and HVAC contractors. If customer service, quality installation, and partnering with the best are key to your business strategy, then we want to hear from you
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